Hire a Norfolk drone operator, remote pilot with Operational Authorisation from the CAA.

Capturing stunning aerial visuals.

Dual camera filming up to 5.1K video and 20 Mega Pixel RAW high-resolution photographs.

Drone operator, specialising in Aerial Drone Solutions in East Anglia; Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex & Cambridgeshire.

I’m a broadcast cameraman with 30+ years in the industry creating TV and digital content for 1000s of various projects. I’m here to help on your projects. I can work to your shot list, or take the creative steer myself.

For my drone service, I can film cinematic aerial, up to 5.1K, footage or take high-resolution, 20 mega-pixel, aerial still photographs. Both can be used for commercial video production or surveying buildings, land and objects.

Cinematic Aerial Filming / Photos

I can capture stunning video footage, in Ultra HD, or photos for use in any of your video productions.

Building, objects or land Surveys

My drone service is excellent for surveying roofs and chimneys – in fact anywhere.

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Some of my clients; Entrusted & Proud

I take care of all pre-flight planning, from risk assessments, air space checks to planning with Air Traffic Control, local authorities and maintaining the legally required logs.

This preparation will ensure your drone flights are legal, and most importantly safe for you, other airspace users and members of the public and the surroundings.

Norwich Research Park and Norfolk & Norwich Hospital

Felixstowe, near Ipswich, Suffolk

Lowestoft, Suffolk

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Lowestoft drone shot summers day

Drone Operator with up to date certification from the CAA.

I have Operational Authorisation from the CAA. This enables me to do much more than just having the minimum of Flyer and drone ID and more than the outdated PfCO qualification.

Operational Authorisation from CAA

General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) in the Specific category

A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC)

Hire a Norfolk drone operator, remote pilot with DJI MAVIC 3 AND rc pro

DJI Mavic 3 drone filming in Norwich, Norfolk

  • Dual Cameras
  • Main camera:
  • 4/3 CMOS sensor / Hasselblad 24mm Prime Lens
  • Zoom camera:
  • 1/2 CMOS sensor / 162mm telephoto / up to x28
  • Video: up to 5.1K / 200Mbs / 50-120 fps
  • Photo: jpeg or RAW, 20 megapixel
  • Colour space: Rec. 709, HLG or D-Log
  • Max Wind Speed Resistance: 27 mph
  • 12 m/s

Norfolk Drone Operator, Remote Pilot, Rate Card

From £325 +VAT

  • All the time you need in the air and on location
  • Complete flight planning
  • Full CAA Risk Assessment
  • Method Statement
  • Day or night flight
  • £10 million public liability insurance
  • £100,000 Professional indemnity
  • Digital delivery
  • UAV Observer option
  • Discount bundles for Filming / Drone / Live

Drone flights FAQ

Do you need the ‘Specific category’ license to use a drone in the UK?

If you don’t have the Specific category license you are very restricted to what you can do, and rightfully so.
The licencing is there not only to educate but also to protect the public, property and the surroundings.

I’m licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority with Operation Authorisation with:
– General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) in the Specific category
– A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC)
– Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).

I also hold an Operator and Flyer ID.

All of my certifications allow me to do more in the air – safe & legal.
I’m trained to the CAA standards to ensure I’m are #DroneSafe.

I have a drone of less than 250g, can I fly anywhere?

It’s a myth that if a drone is under 250g it’s exempt from the rules and regulations. The user may not need an Operator or Flyer ID, but they are very much restricted as to what they can do and where.

If you have a drone under 250g, I highly recommended you get the bare minimum of an Operator and Flyer ID. Obtaining these will teach you the safe use of your drone.