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Fully Managed – we do the work, so you can get on planning your event.

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Live Streaming is one of the greatest communication tools to help you engage with your audience – with us, it’s never been easier.

Our managed service, take care of the technical side of the stream from cameras, sound, graphics, engagements tools and delivery to your viewers.

Our platform is secure with a custom made landing page – with your branding. Of course, it’s totally ad-free, to unlimited viewers, from anywhere Live.

Live Streaming is the most trusted source of information – even beating recorded video content.

Our Live streaming video playing; what the viewer see

Engagement comes as standard with our Live Streaming

Our platform includes a chat room, Q&A and voting polls as standard. This provides your viewers with real-time tools for them to engage and react to your events. Your team can moderate, control and answer these requests while still Live on air.

This result is highly engaging content for your business – helping you build relationships with your client base.

Some of our client's logos, including Norwich Research Park, Norfolk
Some of our clients; Entrusted & Proud

“Thank you so much again for all of your support”

You were absolutely brilliant and so calm and collected throughout [our Live streamed Annual Roadshow event].

You have been such a pleasure to work with.

East Anglian Air Ambulance logo

East Anglian Air Ambulance

Live from their Norwich base

Multi-Stream as standard.

Our platform enables us to Live stream your video content simultaneously to your social media channels while embedding to your website and to our managed, easy solution

You decide.

Options to multi cast your Live Stream to social media

Video playout

Make your Live stream even more engaging by including pre-recorded video content. We seamlessly auto playout any video content you provide, Live within your stream.

With over 30+ years in video production, we can create these professionally made videos with our video production service


Yellow video play button


We have the hardware and partnerships to Live stream from anywhere.

We can use your existing internet connection, we simply plug in our network to your router. If your venue doesn’t have a connection, we can, subject to coverage, use our specialist 4g equipment to stream via the mobile phone network.

For truly rural locations, we can use our third-party partners to provide us with a satellite internet uplink.

  • Fibre
  • Broadband
  • Satellite
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4g network
  • 5g network, soon

“Absolutely first class”

Shaun delivered an impeccable live stream from my mum’s funeral. It was beautifully done, Shaun the consummate professional did it quietly in the background and to an exceptional standard. He worked hard to prepare for it, was generous with his time talking to us all about it during the planning. It made such a difference, and meant that mum’s family and many old friends around the world were able to join live on the day; and they were so thankful they could participate.

I couldn’t recommend more highly. Thank you.

Blackmagic Atem Extreme with on Air light on


Live from a Norfolk church

Re-Purpose for On-demand

Re-use your Live stream after the event. The stream can be recorded and saved for replay after the event for placement on your website or social media channels, ideal for on-demand viewing.

We can even record all inputs and finesse the recording in our edit suite creating on-demand video content.


Recycling video content

a polished, live streaming experience

  • Multi-cameras and microphones
  • Chat / Q&A / Polls
  • Bring in remote guests
  • Video playout
  • Add presentations
  • Recorded for on-demand content
  • Public or Private stream
  • Multi-Stream to your social channels
  • Autocue teleprompter
Live video streaming monitor

Hybrid events or without ‘in-room’ audience

Take advantage of our Live production services to capture the attention of large or small audiences.
Your online Live stream can be public or private. You are in full control of who can watch.

Live streaming is ideal for conferences, product launches, performances, funerals, awards, weddings and events.

Fully managed

Live streaming rate card

Anywhere live

From £1200 +VAT
  • Pre-stream planning
  • Rehearsal time
  • Stream set up and management
  • No ads
  • Unlimited viewers
  • HD, adaptive streaming
  • Up to 12-hour events
Let’s chat about your requirements and we can create a bespoke quote

Live Streaming FAQ

What do unlimited viewers mean?

Video camera for feed one, on a Live stream project

We want your Live stream to be as successful as possible, so we don’t set a limit to the number of viewers who can watch, why would we? The only limit we have is each event is limited to 12 hours – this is plenty for any event.

What happens if the viewer has a slow connection?

Live streaming mixing desk showing we are "on Air", going Live over the internet

We use adaptive Live streaming technology. This will ensure your viewers have the best experience even if they have limited bandwidth. Serving the best experiences to each and every viewer.

Why use Live streaming within my business?

Camera's screen showing we are Live

Gong Live is a game-changer! We include a full range of engagement tools to communicate easily with your customer base; Chat, Q&A, Voting Polls. This in turn will build relationships with your customers, building loyally for your brand and company.