Live video streaming
Your business solution to Covid-19.

Norwich, Norfolk based, covering East Anglia and the UK.

We can film your event, with multiple cameras and microphones, mixed with graphics then Live streamed over the internet on your web channels.

The video solution for business events, meetings & more.
Streamed Live over the internet, to your selected audience.

Engage with your audience – Live – with our Covid-19 Secure communication platform.

We can provide a professionally polished – yet cost effective – Live streaming video content to a private or public audience.

Our webinar packages are jam packed with features, from multiple cameras, microphones, autocue and lights, we can even supply professional presenters for the Live feed.

You can include pre-made videos within the Live stream so presenters can introduce videos, ideal for product launches. We can even create these pre-made videos.

Our Live video streams can have a user chat window so your can react to the audiences feedback while still on air. This makes highly engaged content for your business – helping you build relationships with your client base.

From a ‘on-location’ mobile set up to a more formal studio environment, we have a solution to help your business communicate in a safe environment.

  • Stream anywhere: Social channels or your website
  • Multi-stream to all your channels at once
  • Private or Public audience
  • Live stream can be saved for replay
  • Four input mixed live
  • Live cameras
  • Autocue
  • Laptop feed for PowerPoint, etc mixed into programme
  • VT playback within your programme
  • Green screen keying
  • Full crew with talkback
  • Professional presenters available

Watch Party

We can include video ‘play-out’ within your Live show, so the on-screen talent can introduce a pre-recorded video, this is ideal for a number of occasions like product or business launch.

We can create a Live stream event for any business; business events, meetings, conferences, public announcements, stage events, church and worship.

Live streaming from Norwich. showing Atem live mixer


What are the benefits of live streaming?

There are many advantages of live streaming your business meeting, the major reason right now is social distancing from your customers and colleagues. We can set up a ‘mini TV studio’ with cameras, lights, microphones and graphics to create a highly professional live stream business event. It’s very cost effective too.