Video Production & Content
Give it a meaning.

Video content is everywhere; websites, social media, TV – even the new digital billboards are full of video advertising, tempting you to part with your cash for the latest gadgets on the market.

But how good is video content at reaching its goals?

When made right, video production is a powerful resource to get your product and brand in front of your target market. It can show your potential customers what you do and why you do it better than your competitors.

If created wrong, it bores your audience and can even harm your brand.

We do video right.

The biggest mistake – by far – is a video can’t just be aesthetically pleasing. Of course, it needs to look the best it can be but one thing will always come first;

Video need context.

Suffolk filming in Ipswich

The story always comes first.

Above all we are seeing beautifully shot video content, (with poor audio but that’s a whole new blog post),  but without any context. Therefore the video will fail in engaging with its audience.

How many times have you watched a video online, liked what you saw, but didn’t  really understand what it was telling you or what to do next?

We do video right.

Commissioning us to produce your video we not only plan your video content, but also it’s goals – what your want it to achieve. The audiences . The digital platform to which the video will be shown. We then put a video concept in place to make the  video work for your business.

We’ve been producing content lead video content since 1990,
we are the trusted resource for video production.