Norwich Freelance Video Editor
Editing Video Footage from any source

“Very impressive! Technology wise, this is where I’d like others be.” 

Ben HoneyHead of Technical – SIS Live
Video editing on freelance basis Norwich Norfolk

Based in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk I’m a TV video editor, offering my video editing services on a freelance basis.  I’m comfortable working either with your edit decision list or creating your programme from the rushes.

Highly experienced in creating a strong narrative – telling the story for:

  • Actuality
  • Documentary
  • Commercial / Sales

Daily I work on a huge range of diverse shows, from 5-second stings to a full 60-minute feature. I’m an efficient,  accurate editor, always on time and within budget.

I can edit all video formats within industry standard edit suite: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder, Audio Editing & Encore.


  • Highly Efficient Workflow – Saving you time and expense
  • Experienced TV / film editor
  • Fine eye for detail
  • Full HD, purpose built, edit suite: Powerful & Efficient
  • 64 Bit | Eight 3.80Hz Threads | 16 Gig Ram | CUDA
  • Unlimited super fast project storage
  • Import: Videos / Photos / Drawings / Logos / Graphics
  • Professional Voiceover artists
  • Graphics sequences
  • Fibre WAN: Download + Upload your assets fast
  • Comprehensive royalty free music library