Freelance Video Editor.

We edit video – and give it rhythm.
It’s was we do – everyday.

Pace. Rhythm. Flow.

What defines a fine edit.

We create any content from actuality, documentary to promotional, marketing and training, educational videos. Having a hugely varied customer based, with equally diverse range of video content. Creating strong, paced narrative, that flow.

We offer our video editing services on a freelance basis with three methods of edit.

Remote in.

Watch remotely while your content is being created. Give feedback directly to the editor and try out different edit methods. 

This service is more costly than our other editing services due to the greater time in the edit this service will incur. 

We Edit.

You send us the video material, along with any assets, in any formats – we can provide an unlimited online storage solution for upload.  

We will get to work creating the video the best can be for your video material. 

Your EDL.

We cut to your Edit Decision List.
You outline the timecodes and style of edit required.

Once we have received all your material, we create your video to your exact instructions. Delivering back for your review.

Daily we work on a vast range of diverse projects

From 5-second stings to 45 minute features. We are efficient, accurate editors, always on time and within budget. We can edit all video formats within our industry standard 4K edit suite.

  • Highly Efficient Workflow – Saving you time and expense
  • Same day and location based edits available.
  • Experienced TV / Features editor and IR35 exempt.
  • Full 4K / HD, purpose-built, edit suite: Six cores  | Twelve Threads  | 5 GHz | CUDA Cores 2560 | 64 Bit | 64 Gig Ram
  • Unlimited super fast project storage
  • Import: Videos / Photos / Drawings / Logos / Graphics
  • Professional Voiceover artists ISDN
  • Motion graphics sequences
  • Cable Fibre WAN: Download + Upload your assets fast
  • Comprehensive royalty free music library
  • Free use of our stock video library

Freelance video editing rate card 2020

Discounts available when bundles with our other video services.

Half Day – 3.5 hrs

£225 + vat

Full Day – 7hrs

£300 + vat


Will IR35 affect hiring a freelance video editor?

Well, if you commission me to edit your next project you don’t need to worry about IR35 tax changes. I’m a Sole Trader and run my business as an individual. I’m exempt from IR35 legislation. The IR35 does not affect me or my clients in any way.