Norwich Drone Videographer, for Video Productions

From £350 + VAT

Drone Videographer & Photography service, based in Norwich

Covering the whole East Anglia; Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex & Cambridgeshire.

I’m a Norwich based drone videographer, who is also a broadcast and digital videographer / cameraman, offering my drone videography, aerial service anywhere in East Anglia.

I have 30+ years in the industry creating TV and digital content for 1000s of various projects.

Norwich Drone Videographer and Photographer

Drone Aerial Photography

Creating 20 mega-pixel, aerial still photographs.

Drone Aerial Videography

Capturing video footage, up to 5.1k.

How my Drone Videography Service work

I’ll carry out a free site survey of the location where you would like your drone flight. I’ll highlight any risks, from air space to obstacles.

Your Quote

Once the site survey has been completed, I’ll send you my quotation, pricing starts from £350 +VAT.

The Paperwork

I’ll create the legally required risk assessments, method statement, and where needed, flight plan and contacting the authorises.

Get airborne

I’ll arrive at the location and set up ready for take off, capturing your video and photo content.

Where need, I will have a drone observer present with me, to ensure we are working in accordance to CAA regulations.

Digitally Delivered

Once the footage has been backed-up, I’ll upload the footage on my online storage account and share a simple, and easy, download link.

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Lowestoft drone shot summers day

Norwich Drone Pilot with up-to-date certification from the Civil Aviation Authority.

I have Operational Authorisation in the GVC Specific category from the CAA.

This enables me to do much more than just having the minimum of the Flyer and drone ID..

Operational Authorisation from CAA

General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) in the Specific category

A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC)

Aerial drone videography over Norwich city, showing the city castle

I’m a Safe & Responsible drone operator – with Civil Aviation Authority Operational Authorisation, GVC in the Specific category to protect your business reputation

All my drone flights are in accordances to my CAA Operational Authorisation licence. Safe drone flights are the number one priority for me and the CAA.

I issue you with RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) — an important health and safety document that is completed to identify the steps to be undertaken to carry out my drone filming and photography in a safe manner.

I take care of all pre-flight planning, from my Civil Aviation Authorises risk assessments, air space checks to planning with Air Traffic Control, local authorities and maintaining the legally required logs.

My preparation will ensure your drone flights are legal, and most importantly safe for you, other airspace users and members of the public and the surroundings.

Norwich Research Park and Norfolk & Norwich Hospital

Felixstowe, near Ipswich, Suffolk

Lowestoft, Suffolk

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Your Norfolk, Norwich Drone Operator, and Remote Pilot.

DJI Mavic 3 drone filming in Norwich, Norfolk


Dual Cameras
Main camera:
4/3 CMOS sensor / Hasselblad 24mm Prime Lens
Zoom camera:
1/2 CMOS sensor / 162mm telephoto / up to x28

Video: up to 5.1K / 200Mbs / 25-120 fps
Photo: jpeg or RAW, 20 megapixel
Colour space: Rec. 709, HLG or D-Log
Max Wind Speed Resistance: 27 mph

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

Norfolk, Norwich Drone videographer Price List

When you commission me to carry out your drone flights, I will provide all the time you need the drone airborne for, along with enough time I’m on location.

My drone project planning is in connection with my Civil Aviation Authority training and certification and includes

  • Air space checks
  • Liaising with Air Traffic Control
  • Contacting local authorities if needed
  • Travel anywhere in UK at cost

Drone Operator costs from

£ 350 +VAT
  • Complete flight planning
  • Full CAA Risk Assessment
  • Method Statement
  • Day or night flight
  • £10m public liability insurance
  • £100,000 Pro indemnity
  • Digital delivery
  • UAV Observer option

Drone VideographerFAQ

frequently asked questions

Do you need the ‘Specific category’ license to use a drone in the UK?

If you don’t have the Specific category license you are very restricted in what you can do, and rightfully so.
The licensing is there not only to educate but also to protect the public, property and surroundings.

I’m licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority with Operation Authorisation with:
– General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) in the Specific category
– A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC)

I also hold an Operator and Flyer ID.

All of my certifications allow me to do more in the air – safe & legal.
I’m trained to the CAA standards to ensure I’m are #DroneSafe.

I have a drone of less than 250g, can I fly anywhere?

It’s a myth that if a drone is under 250g it’s exempt from the rules and regulations. The user may not need an Operator or Flyer ID, but they are very much restricted as to what they can do and where.

If you have a drone under 250g, I highly recommended you get the bare minimum of an Operator and Flyer ID. Obtaining these will teach you the safe use of your drone.

What are the filming formats?

I’ve created a blog for my clients who opt’ed to edit my drone Video files. Filming File Formats.

Drone Videography

2 hrs Aerial Drone Filming with Drone Pilot

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  • CAA Operational Authorisation
  • GVC Specific category
  • Flight Planning
  • Full CAA Risk Assessment
  • Method Statement


  • UK coverage only