Filming File Formats

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As you have opted to edit the video yourself, here is some help information about the video files and how they were created.

This page does generalise about my video filming service, where needed, I will email you with any other information that you may need.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What was the filming format?

Land: XAVC S 4K // 10 Bit // 140 Bitrate // 4:2:2 // PAL // 16:9

Drone: MP4 // up to 5.1K / 200Mbs / 16:9

What frame rates were used?

25 / 50 / 100 Frames per second

For the UK market, I film in 25fps. If you have requested different frame rates, I would have recorded them as per your request.

To get the files to play correct to the frame rate, you need to look at all the files frames rates in your NLE, and then ‘conform’ all the files that state 50 or 100 fps.

Set these to 25 fps.

What colour space was it shot in?

Land: Rec709 // S-Cinetone (Unless S-Log 3 has been requested)

Drone: Rec. 709, HLG or D-Log


How was the audio recorded?

If the filming had dialogue recorded, I would use either 4 or 2 track audio.

Your NLE should show all the audio tracks, along with a single video track. For some filming sequences, I will have recorded muliple audio tracks at the same time, this is for ‘back up’. Make sure you use the best qaulity audio for each section filmed.

If you cannot hear very-high quality, clear audio, please check you are listening to the correct audio track in you NLE.

Video files not playing smoothly?

Create ‘Proxies’

The video files are of very high quality. If you have trouble playing and or editing them in you NLE software, please created ‘proxies’.

This will create low resolution, duplicate files, that are much easier to play and edit.

Once you are ready to render the final video, the NLE software will automatically swap to the original files’, so your final exported video looks just like it was filmed!

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