Greenyard Frozen UK, Kings Lynn Video Production

A Case Study

Greenyard factory in King's Lynn with lorry on weightbridge

One of my good customers is King’s Lynn based Greenyard Frozen UK

Over the past few years ,I’ve created a number of video films to help communicate messages to their team members, senior management teams and with the public.

One of the videos, ‘Field to Pack’ can be watched below.

This film we follow the journey of the humble frozen pea.

Beautiful drone photo of pea farming machinery harvesting peas

Filming in King’s Lynn

I started filming, both land camera, and aerial drone, in a famers field not far from King’s Lynn. The farmer’s farming machinery was gathering the peas in an intriguing and meticulous way. Removing the delicate peas form their pods. Making sure not to damage them.

The whole process is a race against time, to get the fresh peas from the field, frozen and packed within a matter of hours. And that included transporting them – via road – to the Greenyard factory!

Greenyard Frozen UK

Filming at the Greenyard factory in kings lynn

Once the peas are at the factory I filmed the complete process, from lorry arriving, cleaning, quality sorting to being frozen and packed.

Tractor in King's Lynn field, filming their Pea video

King’s Lynn Video Production

Do you need help developing your video content – from storyboard to screen – that convey your message so the video film work for you?

I take care of all the planning – including storyboarding, filming with drone aerial video and photos, post-production and video hosting.

This makes my video production process painless and easy to manage, via my online portal.

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