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Every day, I design and develop video content for companies – just like yours.

Ipswich Video Production

I can provide the complete video production service, from storyboard to screen.

With my decades of experience, I am here at every step of the video process.

I make it incredibly easy for you to add video content to your business, taking care of all pre-planning, video production and delivery.

It’s what I do, every day.


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Ipswich Video PRoduction

Video consumption has skyrocketed over the last 10 years.

Almоѕt аnу Ipswich buѕinеѕѕ can think up reasons tо use vidео from marketing and sales to in-house training films.

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Developing your video content with you, from storyboard to screen.

My video production planning pack includes creating a concept with you, the story and mood boards, right through to video production on location then, of course, delivery to your online channels.

This can be your website, along with your social media channels from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-Tok. If you need a Live event recorded, my Live service can help.

A Stand Out Ipswich Video Production Project

 The story of Ipswich Town’s promotion to the Premiership

I’m proud to be part of the team, of 3, to create and deliver the Ipswich Town FC 25th Anniversary to the Premiership film.

I took care of production side – the filming, both land and aerial drone, along with bring the footages together as the video editor and edit producing with an additional producer. I filmed interviews, all around the UK, with ex-footballers and staff from ITFC, back when the club was in its heyday.

The footage created extraordinary stories from the team on and off the field – most of this rare insight has never been heard before.

The film is a rollercoaster of emotions; from fun and laughter, to the sad and touching elements.

The 43 minute feature was a very well received with fans of Ipswich FC.

The full film can be watched on YouTube.

Feedback from the viewers

“This is truly sensational and has bought me so much joy – thank you thank you for lifting my spirits…”

“OMG – what a fantastic video. I was welling up inside well before Marcus Stewart got all emotional at the end, but that put me over the edge!

“Absolute superbly made documentary . Well done to all who contributed to its creation. Stunning”.

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Shaun Lawson
Shaun Lawson

I’m Shaun, a highly experienced multi-talented, Norwich based, videographer. Creating studio and location video content for a diverse range of clients and audiences. I’ve been working in video production since 1990, daily creating creative video features for online digital use and TV delivery.

Get in touch if you need help with video creation.

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