Time Lapse Videography

Short or long term time-lapse filming

Experienced videographer; offering managed up to 6k Time-Lapse video filming

Capturing your projects over minutes, hours, days or weeks.

I’ve been creating video content for over 30 years, from short micro to long form videos, each one, I make bespoke for my client.

Showing the viewer a unique video technique is always important to gain their attention in a busy digital world.

This where time-lapse video is so effective and keeping the attention.

People love to watch, fast moving, time-lapse video.

They will help you engage with your customer based, and create conversations around your projects.

Two Styles of Recording Time-Lapse

I have the complete filming equipment to offer two types of time-lapse filming.

Long exposure time-lapse filmning in the city

Long Exposure | Short Term

This style is idea for shorter to mid-length scenes within a video. The technique, with a single lens, will create ‘blurring’ & ‘light trails’ in the motion of the picture.

The equipment for this style is not waterproof and has limited power. The camera can be placed on a motorised slider to give a very unique look and style that will help your content stand out.

This style of time-lapse is included free within my land filming.

Crane time-lapse building a tall office block

Standard Look | Long Term

My standard style is created using a robust, twin lens – with 220′ field of view – camera, that is waterproof and can be powered by solar energy.

This equipment set up is ideal for long term time-lapse projects – from days to weeks. Included are my remote monitoring service, where I carry out regular checks, site survey and installation.

This is a specialist video service that I can offer and price is costed to your requirements. Get in touch.

I can manipulate your time lapse filming project into engaging video

I have the complete videographer skill-set , from pre-production, production to post-production to create video content that will give context to your project to help highlight to your customer base.