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Town Deal – Our Place is your Stage

Proud and delighted.

We were commissioned to create the video production for Great Yarmouth’s Town Deal project, not only to educate the local residents and businesses of the plans, but also convey the message to the Government on what the Town Deal would mean for the town and its people.

We are pleased that Great Yarmouth secured a Town Deal of £20.1m Government investment.

Great Yarmouth aerial photo. River Yare in shot.

Great Yarmouth’s video producion – Town Deal

The video had a lot of content and information to convey, to multiple audiences – that’s not an easy task to get right.

The key to our successful video was pre-production planning.

Our video production planning included, creating of storyboards and voiceover scripts, along with sourcing interviewees to appear in the film.

The film included many hours of land and aerial filming around the town and surrounding area to illustrate the key messages.

The client had 100% input during the editing process. We worked in a flexible way – with unlimited editing changes – to ensure the client was happy with the end result.

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Great Yarmouth aerial photo. River Yare in shot.

The Town Deal comprises of four elements to improve Great Yarmouth which we had to convey in the video production, these were:

  • Growth, Regeneration And Business Development
  • Skills And Aspirations
  • Arts Culture And Tourism
  • Connectivity And Sustainability

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