Great Yarmouth drone pilot Waterways Norfolk

Drone flight over the Great Yarmouth Venetian Waterways restoration project

The much-needed restoration of Great Yarmouth’s historic Venetian Waterways is well underway, so I decided to take to the air for an insight into its progress.

The £3m project is being supported by the National Lottery, is to restore this Grade II-listed attraction into its former glory that I personally remember with great fondness.

The video is under the © Copyright 2019 and must not be used without prior written consent.

Great Yarmouth council began the project in June 2018,  the contractors and volunteers have been busy removing the 1960s extensions to the Boating Lake Island Café, stripped back and reinstated the garden beds, excavated and cleaned the rockery, reinstated the pergolas, and are continuing the extensive concrete restoration across the site.


Great Yarmouth Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2018

We are proud to be supporting

EnterpriseGY & the Spirit of Enterprise Awards.

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Huge investment in Lowestoft, Suffolk thanks to Adande new testing station. My promo video, for use on social media sites. The station was officially opened MP Elizabeth Truss.