Booking a Videographer | A short guide

Live streaming and video recording your Live events with camera

From Enquiry to Engagement.

Firstly your enquiry, you can get in touch with me over the phone or by sending an e-mail.

I just need to know about what you have in mind for your next video production, who is the audience, what do you expect from the video, what you expect the video to achieve and what is the time scale.

Booking a Videographer: costing

Once the initial enquiry has been received, I will spend some time creating a concept, proposal and costing. It will detail what I promised to do, in what timeline, at what cost.

Coins and a piggybank illustrating video production cost

Booking a Videographer: Pre-Production

Once I get the go ahead for production, the pre-production will begin. This is where I create a concept and develop your video production on paper before I pick up a camera.

Creating storyboards and mood boards, scripts for voiceover and questions for interviews. This planning will help visualise the video before production start and to prevent costly re-shoots.

Health and Safety records are created at this stage too.

Coins and a piggybank illustrating video production cost

Booking a Videographer: Production

As per my pre-production planning pack, I will create your content.

I will take care of shooting schedule and all the technical aspects of filming at your location or in the studio.

Coins and a piggybank illustrating video production cost

Booking a Videographer: Post-Production

Once all the video footage and voice over recordings have been created, I’ll then transfer the data to the edit suite, where it will be backed up.

The narrative will be crafted, along with embellishments of any visuals, voice over will be laid as well, if required, music score or and sound effects.

Once the first edit is completed, I will upload this to my online feedback portal where you will be able to log on from any location to watch the video. Within the video player you can give real time comments to each section.

Your whole team can join in on the feedback giving and each user will have a different name correspondent with their amendments.

Coins and a piggybank illustrating video production cost

Unlimited Editing Changes

If you use my online feedback portal and the amendments are ‘in keeping with the original video brief’, I offer Unlimited Editing Changesfree of charge.

Once all the amendments are done and you are 100% happy with the content, you will be provided with a download link for your safe storage of your video file(s).

If selected at time of costing, I can provide ‘Embed Code’ to place your videos on any website.

Coins and a piggybank illustrating video production cost

From Enquiry to Engagement

With me, creating your video content has never been simpler.

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Shaun Lawson
Shaun Lawson

I’m Shaun, a highly experienced multi-talented, Norwich based, videographer. Creating studio and location video content for a diverse range of clients and audiences. I’ve been working in video production since 1990, daily creating creative video features for online digital use and TV delivery.

Get in touch if you need help with video creation.

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