Video Pre-Planning: Does Every Video Content Need it?

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Video Pre-Planning

All over the internet, when researching video production and how it should be created, you will come across the term video pre-production; storyboards, mood boards, script writing and all the pre-planning that goes with it.

I personally love to be prepared, and have a step-by-step guide for video creation.

But, is it necessary for every type of video that is being created?

Well, no. Not all content types require hours of video pre-planning.

That’s why my service has broken down into two categories:

Video Pre-Planning: Does Every Video Content Need it?

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Fully Managed Video Production

Where needed for your production, I will pre-plan the video, creating my planning pack that includes everything needed for a successful video project.

From creating scripts, concepts, to mood board and storyboards.

Filming in with DJI Ronin RS2 gimbal with colour checker chart

Freelance Video Services

All video projects are in need of some kind of design, but some video content campaigns don’t require too much advance planning. It can just be a waste of time and budget.

That’s why I offered all my services on a freelance basis.

A One stop video production, creator

I’ve been helping businesses for decades for their video content requirements.

For further information, you can read my top-tips for planning your video content.

I’m just here to create the right content, for the right audience, at the right time, and within the right budget with the right amount of pre-planning.

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Shaun Lawson
Shaun Lawson

I’m Shaun, a highly experienced multi-talented, Norwich based, videographer. Creating studio and location video content for a diverse range of clients and audiences. I’ve been working in video production since 1990, daily creating creative video features for online digital use and TV delivery.

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