Benefit of Filming a Podcast

It’s does seem rather peculiar to video film a Podcast.

It’s audio recording after all, it’s not meant , or indeed, set up to be filmed, right? But it’s now becoming the norm.

The reason is down to SEO.

Google this year will begin to offer Podcast on their YouTube platform, moving away from its standalone site – Google Podcasts.

This will have a huge potential for Podcasters around the globe to be heard and, quiet literally, seen by a wider audience.

Filming a Podcast with a funny pair of Podcasters!
Man recording Podcast in the Norwich studio

In 2024, Google will be hosting podcasts on their music video platform.

They are actively encouraging that Podcasts to be filmed, for the creation of video content.

Doing so will help grow your Podcast and brand – exponentially enhancing your brand visibility and engage a wider audience.

I can help with your podcast video content.

  • Studio hire
  • Three cameras
  • Multi microphones
  • Monitoring service
  • Fully edited
  • Digital delivery
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