Recruitment Video Production

A Case Study

It’s all about people – the right people.

As you know, getting the right people to join your business is a vital element to its success.

You need to ensure that your workforce not only has the relevant skills and abilities, but also the right personality.

How can you attract the right people to your business?

Show why your company is the right choice, to the right candidate, with my recruitment video production service.

I was commisioned by the TNS group, based in Norfolk and Suffolk, to create a video concept to showcase their many roles and opportunies on offer to candidates, and why it’s a great career choice to be part of their workforce family.

I carried out my video production planning, which is a important part of my video creation service, and submitted it to the TNS recruitment team for their approval, and feedback.

the plan: Target key areas of recruitment

The plan was to create multiple videos. Five in total.

Four videos were to be under 60 seconds to target key areas of their recruitment. While creating one longer video, encapsulating all the roles and their work culture.

The longer video is ideal to sit on their website, while the shorter videos will work for them their social media channels. The social media post will link to their recruitment pages of their website.

This method gave my client 5 recruitment videos, for minimal extra production time, resulted in, not only better results for them – but also vastly better value.

I’m Shaun Lawson.

A videographer with over three decades experience creating video content for digital and TV formats.

My video production service includes a planning pack that will help to create a concept with you, the story and mood boards, filming schedules right through to the video production on location then, of course, delivery to your online channels.

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Shaun Lawson
Shaun Lawson

I’m Shaun, a highly experienced multi-talented, Norwich based, videographer. Creating studio and location video content for a diverse range of clients and audiences. I’ve been working in video production since 1990, daily creating creative video features for online digital use and TV delivery.

Get in touch if you need help with video creation.

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