Norwich Video Editor // Colour Grading // Visual Effects
Editing your video footage with complete post-production services

I’m a Norwich video editor, offering post production video services.

I’d love to craft and develop your video content, creating a strong, paced narrative, that flow, via my post-production facility in Norwich.

Being a video editor with 30+ years of experience, creating videos for my client base, I’m here not only to create the best of your video footage but also to solve problems in the footage that naturally come from filming on location.

I have experience editing video content for many genres, from actuality, documentary to promotional, marketing and training and educational videos.

Getting the audio correct with EQ
Some of our clients logos
Some of my clients; Entrusted & Proud

Post Production Video Services // Norwich Video Editor

Three ways I can help with your video editing, colour grading and visual effects.

Video editor editing content on the remote timeline

Remote in

Watch remotely while your content is being created. Give feedback directly to the editor and try out different editing methods. 

This service is more costly than our other editing services due to the greater time in the edit this service will incur.

Green screen video edit for client

I edit

You send me the video material, along with any assets, in any format – I can provide an unlimited online storage solution for upload.  

I will get to work creating the video the best can be for your video material, with colour grading and visual effects.

The edit timelime while video editing to my customers list

Your EDL

I cut to your Edit Decision List.
You outline the timecodes and style of edit required.

Once I have received all your material, I create your video to your exact instructions. Delivering back for your review.

“Working with Shaun has been an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing videography services. Shaun has gone above and beyond. His pricing structure is reasonable and transparent and he’s friendly, professional and very flexible”

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Saqib Rauf

Director, Veritas Witness Training, Ipswich, Suffolk

Your Norwich video editor.

Digitally delivering your edited video content via my online feedback review page. This makes giving amendments and feedback simple, and help to refine and complete your project that will convey the correct message to your audience.

Daily editing of a vast range of diverse projects, the post-production facility.

Norwich Video Editor Race Card

From 3-second stings to 60-minute features. I’m a friendly, efficient and accurate video editor let me help you with your next project.

  • A wealth of experience
  • Creative styles & patterns
  • Highly efficient workflow

I’m always on time and within budget. I can edit all video formats within my industry-standard, purpose-built 4K edit suite.

My preferred software is Resolve Studio and Avid. At the moment, due to continuous stability issues, I no longer offer editing with Adobe Premiere..

Day Rate (7hr)

£ 400 +VAT

The complete video editing package

  • Up to 7 hours in the edit
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Editing any formats
  • Add your branding & assets
  • Use of my stock video licenses
  • Use of my stock music licenses
  • Motion graphics sequences
  • Voiceover options
  • Complex graphics option

Norwich Video Editor for Post-Production Treatment FAQ

frequently asked questions

How can we get our video footage to you for editing?

Resolve video editing timeline from our Norwich edit suite

When you book me to carry out your video editing, I will provide you with unlimited, secure online video storage. This will make it easy to transfer the ‘rushes’ for me to work on. Alternatively, if you are locally based, I can collect the footage and transfer it onto one of my SSD.

I’ve been tasked with editing our companies social media videos, do you have any tips?

Editing timeline, orange and blue clips to help the editor ID clips on long form productions

I sure do! I’m glad your employer seen the importance of video creation. Here are my 5 top tips to get you started. If you need more help, you know where to find me.