Duration of Video Content

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Get to the point, fast

Time and time again, when a prospective client asks me how much video content costs, they want three to four minute films that will explain their brand or highlight their products.

To be fair, the length of video doesn’t necessarily matter – within reason. It’s all about getting your messages across, in full. However, video content is everywhere so it needs to be concise, to the point and, of course, well-made.

Your client base has lots of options on where to get their information from.

Make sure yours is easy to consume and does not deviate from the subject.

Duration of Video Content: Diminishing Attention Spans

A three to four minute video has got to exceptionally well crafted to hold your audience attention.

Sure, 10 to 15 years ago 3 to 4 minutes was the norm, but in 2024, people’s attention span has diminished and so has the amount of time they’re willing to spend watching your content.

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A lady YouTuber, recording video

Superfluous content.

My pet hate for most of the content on YouTube is they don’t get to the point, fast. Most of them have long, drawn out intros to tell us what they’re going to talk about, even though it says in the description – that’s how you found their video, right?

This is one of the aspects of video production, where many video creators fail. Not editing out superfluous content. (The other is ‘Pace and Timing’, but that’s of another blog post).

In fairness, the algorithm don’t help. Google and other platforms want to keep the viewer, or the end user, on their platform for as long as possible and they offer incentives to the creator to support this initiative.

For the viewer, this is annoying

They can feel frustrated because the information they were promised is buried in a long, drawn out video.

I’d love to help you in create your video content that is succinct – and gets right to the point fast.

Shaun Lawson
Shaun Lawson

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