Video file retention

Why having a video file retention policy is important.

I’m fully transparent to my clients on how long I store their video data. I don’t over promise on the length of time I store their video files.

Storage of data- and it’s up keep – making sure it’s in prime condition ready for use – is time consuming and costly.

Copying and storing any data, including video data, onto a hard drive and think it will work in years to come. Isn’t a good option.

There’s a good chance it won’t work.

Hard drives needs regular spinning to keep in top tip condition.

Magnet illustrating holding onto something - rentention

My video data retention policy.

My policy is simple

Rushes – the camera files

Kept for three months – after final delivery of your video edit or, if using my freelance filming service, after the shoot date.

Master edited files

Kept for three months – after final delivery of your video edit.

Developing your video content with you, from storyboard to screen.

My video production planning pack includes creating a concept with you, the story and mood boards, right through to video production on location then, of course, delivery to your online channels. This can be your website, along with your social media channels from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-Tok. If you need a Live event recorded or Live Streamed, my Live service can help.

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