Training Video Production

Saving your company time with my training videos.

Train your employees and sub-contractors with bespoke video content, made just for you.

  • Video is easy delivered, via a desktop computer or mobile device
  • Can be watched anywhere, anytime
  • Video is cost-effective
  • Any subject made into a captivating watch
  • Higher Engagement
  • Easily digestible

A working, wearing safety gloves cutting wire

People are



Why is that?

Traditional training material can be dry and exhausting, and
besides, you have no genuine method of knowing whether it’s working!

Yet, with video, you can catch your employees attention with intriguing visuals, audio and storylines.

My bespoke training videos let you have great deal of flexibility to deliver the content.

Covering precisely what you need to pass on without space for error, and mirroring your organisation’s character into the substance itself.

This gives staff, employees and sub-contractors, a noteworthy instructional information as well as causes them to build up a more profound association with your company ethos.

Developing your video content with you, from storyboard to screen.

My video production planning pack includes creating a concept with you, the story and mood boards, right through to video production on location then, of course, delivery to your online channels. This can be your website, along with your social media channels from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-Tok. If you need a Live event recorded, my Live service can help.

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Shaun Lawson
Shaun Lawson

I’m Shaun, a highly experienced multi-talented, Norwich based, videographer. Creating studio and location video content for a diverse range of clients and audiences. I’ve been working in video production since 1990, daily creating creative video features for online digital use and TV delivery.

Get in touch if you need help with video creation.

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