How I manage your video footage

The method of recording video footage has changes hughly over recent years.

Video footage is now video data.

If it’s not in three places – it doesn’t exist.

That’s a saying throughout the IT community.

I work to this rule for every video production project I take on for my clients.

This is how your video data is created & stored when you use my video services.


I dual record onto the very best graded media available. Two copies recorded at the same time.

Data Transfer

I transfer the record media via special software to check the transfer process is a perfect copy.


Your video data is backed up on a further two HDD. With storage in a safe that is fire and water proof.

If all of your video data from a filming shoot was to become inaccessible, what would be the impact?

Using my video production and freelance services, you and your data are in safe hands.